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How can we petition more effectively ?

22 May

English Parliament c1258

As many will know. One of the interesting facts about England is it’s the only nation in Europe without its own Parliament or assembly.

Two more petitions calling for an English Parliament are coming to and end.

“undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Allow the English the same rights as the other parts of the United Kingdom, notably Scotland, by introducing an English Parliament with the same rights as the Scottish one, and ensure that all seats at the United Kingdom Parliament in Westminster have the same size electorate within 5%, meaning that Scotland and Wales are no longer over-represented.”

Submitted by David Howarth Chapman – Deadline to sign up by: 03 June 2010 – Signatures: 82

We the Submitted by Simon Green – Deadline to sign up by: 03 June 2010 – Signatures: 127

Just 127 and 82 signatories.

England compete in the world cup and the Commonwealth games this year. This is when English patriotism and expression will be at its greatest for some time. We know when asked people want an English Parliament. How do we turn that into actively pursuing one, or even encouraging people to spend just one minute to sign a petition ?


England win: England 6 Germany 3

14 May

England team in Germany 1938

Interesting facts about England; This day in 1938 England played Germany, clashing just before the second World War (which started 16 months later). The game should have been remembered for the England win (6-3) and the magnificent venue of Berlin’s Olympic Stadium where around 110,000 went to watch the match.

Instead in a politicly correct stunt, the England team were ordered to give the Nazi Salute prior to the game (one does not want to offend). The resulting image sat painfully with a nation and the Nazi saluting players. Eddie Hapgood, England’s captain summed up his feelings “I’ve been in a shipwreck, a train cash, and inches short of a plane crash but the worst (thing) of my life was giving the Nazi salute in Berlin.”