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On, on, you noblest English…

12 Jun

Today is also the anniversary of the re-created Shakespeare Globe Theatre as well as England’s first World Cup game of the 2010 finals. I will keep my sentiments simple, a quote from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet “Do it England!”.

I am sure William would be cheering the England team. He could connect with these players performing in front of 60,000 eager fans, England’s popular theatre for the ‘common man’. The sentiments of ABE (anyone but England) from Scotland and Wales would not worry Shakespeare, he would cut them down, waving his pen like a sword, penning a piece of English cutting wit and pride.

When the world cup is over however he would be unfamiliar with the way that Englishness vanishes over night. The playwright lived during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I this ‘mere English’ woman who instilled a sense of pride and passion in England. Europe feared this rising England, this land of god and man.

I suspect he would be disappointed in English pride. A land where our historians now depict Elizabeth as “short-tempered, sometimes indecisive ruler, who enjoyed more than her share of luck”.

After the World cup is over, those supporting England will settle back into their daily lives, a flutter of pride or disapointement in their chest. The rest of the country will continue to chip away at England, ever more determined to prevent these ‘mere English’ any chance to establish themselves politically or nationally.

England and Englishness has been reduced to something that comes out at sporting tournaments. I hope we can win this tournament, it will give us time and new found confidence. The least it will postpone and prevent people from trying to destroy this last bastion of England.


News: England Cricket and Commonwealth Games

12 May

England world20

English Sport

The England cricket team have beaten New Zealand and top their group in the World 20 competition . They move onto the semi finals unbeaten in the competition so far. Congratulations and lets keep our fingers crossed we can reach the finals.

The England Commonwealth Games Team have selected Andi Jones (Salford Harriers) and Helen Decker (Ipswich Jaffa) to represent England in the Commonwealth games after their London Marathon perfomance. Congratulations guys, I know you will do England proud in Dehli.

Choose the English Commonwealth national anthem

28 Apr

Commonwealth games England have surprisingly started a voting mechanism for the people of England to choose our Commonwealth games national anthem. The choices are limited, with two of the three options being British-centric and not English.

“Voters can choose between God Save The Queen, Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory – with the winner becoming the official anthem of the England Team to be played on the podium in Delhi when a Gold medal is won as well as at the Welcoming Ceremony when the St. George’s flag is raised.”

If past trends are repeated then I would expect to hear Jerusalem in Delhi 2010. If you would like to vote for one of these options then Visit here