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Coalition destroying England….

8 Jun

England, thousands of years of History, achievements unmatched, it’s world legacy for good and bad alive and shaping the world today. England that many love to hate, many love to blame, many want to destroy. People having ill feeling towards England, wishing to erase it, stop its contribution to history (and slowly erase all knowledge of its past contributions) is nothing new. What is new, is the current and present danger of the Coalition currently governing Britain (and therefore England).

Torque contacted Nick Clegg when announced he would be in charge of answering the West Lothian question for the government. The following reply from Nick Clegg’s office.

“We recognise that devolution to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland poses difficult questions for the governance of England within the Union. I think it’s important to be honest about the fact that it is difficult to find an immediate solution. The idea of ‘English votes for English laws’ is extremely complicated to implement – particularly because many laws actually extend to England only in some parts, while covering other parts of the UK in other areas. Given the fact that changes in spending on English services which would be devolved in the rest of the UK directly affect the devolved administration’s budgets, it is also often the case that ‘English’ legislation actually will affect devolved issues outside of England.

We believe that we can only really deal with this question by looking at it as part of the wider political system. We need to do more, first of all, to give more power to people locally in England – so that they, too, have more control over their own affairs rather than being micromanaged from Whitehall. We want to give local communities real power over their health services and policing, through fairly elected local health boards and police authorities – as well as freeing the hands of local councils, removing power from Westminster and Whitehall. Ultimately, we want to move towards a federal United Kingdom – devolving power within England further and thus resolving this question”.

Lets us be perfectly clear. The Coalitions head of the ‘West Lothian Question’ proposes the same solution as Gordon Browns nations and regions. The nations being Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the regions being East Midlands, East, Greater London, North East, North West, South East, South West, West Midlands and Yorkshire and the Humber.

When you hear “Ultimately, we want to move towards a federal United Kingdom – devolving power within England further and thus resolving this question.” it is not giving power to England, but bypassing England. Nick Clegg’s preferred solution eliminates the possibility of an English Parliament. There will be no national governance to transfer to an English government. You no longer have a country, you are a region, ruled by an assembly, controlled by a British government which is part controlled by the European Union.

England will have no unified political representation, so it will of course need a thriving present, historical and educational representation if not to disappear into the footnotes of history.

So what do we have ?

Supermarkets that use the national flags of Scotland and Wales but not England to sell goods. English produce is marked with the British flag. Even after campaigning it is hard to get supermarkets to change as they openly say the Celtic fringes will not buy English marked produce.

Charities and organisations operating solely in England refuse to use England in their name, instead they opt for the false and misleading ‘Britain’ identity.

Local authorities and councils ?

Whilst in Scotland “The Saltire should be flown every day from Scottish Government buildings”. How many government buildings or local authorities fly the flag of St.George ? How many celebrate St.Georges day (and the few who do, compare the budget and size to that dedicated to St.Patrick’s day or the annual gay Pride parades).

So who can we look too ? The media ? Well the BBC certainly will not help.

“Reporting the Beijing Olympics, the media, and in particular the BBC, continued to announce medal winners as Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish and British, but not English. In its CEEFAX August 19th 2008 bulletin the BBC described Chris Hoy the triple gold medallist as ‘the Scot’. However, it described Victoria Pendleton the triumphant women’s sprint cyclist Olympic champion from Bedfordshire as ‘British’, not once as English. In the first week of the Games both BBC reporters and BBC CEEFAX described Nicole Cook who took the first gold medal for the British team as Welsh, but Rebecca Adlington who achieved two gold medals in swimming only as ‘British’, never English.’ What is the agenda for denying the identity of England and English achievers?
The presenter of a recent BBC programme called Thomas Tallis and other mediaeval English composers British when they were unequivocally English.”

Will the BBC start referring to athletes as the “South West Olympic gold winner” I doubt it, it will be “British Olympic gold winner”, and the BBC is not alone, as the recent Channel 4 Genius of Britain shows.

These organisations know what many in England refuse to accept. Britishness has been dumped and given up on in Scotland and Wales, the campaigns to preserve it is only happening in England. England is being dismantled, its bones used to support a unionist British political identity that simply has no flesh beyond the halls of Westminster politicians and academics. If England is not recognised now, it is unlikely to be recognized in the future. It will eventually die out, leaving only the past.

So what of the past ?

The devolved nations promote their history in schools and use taxpayers money to promote and fund historical celebrations. Each year Scotland aims to promote itself. Scotland alone had over 400 events to promote, its history, culture and economy. This year Scotland is promoting its food and drink produce. Wales is promoting its history and learning Welsh is mandatory until the age of 16.

Where is the English equivalent ? England has only seen an erosion of our history taught in schools. With the coalitions push for schools to be free from a dictated national curriculum, the teaching of English history will only demise even more over time. If the British government is supposed to be the English government, then why are they not promoting English cultural and historical events or championing English produce ?

Be under no illusions, this coalition government will do whatever it can to keep the Union embers glowing, even if that entails throwing England on the fire.


The 2012 London Olympic Mascot is……

19 May

London Olympic Mascot

The 2012 London Olympic games mascot has been revealed. Named Wenlock and Mandeville they are apparently molten steel blobs that came to life, after falling from a steel girder. One has a London Taxi sign on its head.

Well anything unveiled would only be an improvement for the London Olympics after the 2012 Graffiti Logo. I guess the London Olympics are lucky that they did set the standard so low.

My Opinion ?

English and City of London White Dragon

I was hoping for The English White Dragon. I am sure artist could have made a great mascot out of our already existing heritage. Not only has it over a 1000 years of English history but is also the Crest of the City of London. The history, imagery and symbolisms is already there, what better mascot to promote England’s London 2012 Olympic games ?

It looks as though this noble beast will have to continue its forced slumber awaiting to rise.

England 2018 World cup hosts dream ends ?

17 May

England world cup bid

The Daily Mail considers the revenge of a jilted lover to be more important than England’s chance of bringing the worlds largest sporting event to home soil in 2018. England’s world Cup message was “England United. The World Invited”. It would seem a meaningless message to some in the country, intent on destroying our bid for the sake of a few pounds.

The papers £75,000 purchase of an entrapment recording from Miss Melissa Jacobs seems to have put an end to our World Cup bid. The recording was from a private meeting Miss Jacobs had arranged with ex-friend and work colleague Lord David Triesman. It emerged Miss Jacobs had a 6 month ‘affair’ back in 2008 which resulted in kisses and a few playful texts (that Miss Jacobs decided to keep for 3 years). The whole entrapment reeks of nothing but an attempt by Miss Jacobs to get revenge on Lord Triesman (we have no idea what perceived wrong she felt he did to her). What we do know is her desire for revenge (and the Daily Mails willingness to grant it after numerous papers refused to print the story) could cost England its chance of hosting the World Cup in 2018.

Lord Triesman was guilty of saying stupid things in a private conversation with someone he thought was a friend. Miss Jacobs and the Daily Mail are guilty of entrapment (or paying for it) and putting the revenge of a jilted woman above that of the nation and its hopes to bring the World cup to England. I am not a great fan of the Daily Mail. This weekend however it managed to sink even lower than the extremely low standards I held it too. If it was in my power I would put the paper on trial for treason for selling England for a pathetic ‘kiss and tell’.

It would appear the Daily Mail today after getting so much flak from the Public has changed tack and is now blaming Miss Jacobs for ruining our bids chance.

If you wish to complain about the Daily Mail to the press complaints commission then you can do so under;

Editors Code of Practice, article 10: Clandestine devices and subterfuge

i) The press must not seek to obtain or publish material acquired by using hidden cameras or clandestine listening devices; or by intercepting private or mobile telephone calls, messages or emails; or by the unauthorised removal of documents or photographs; or by accessing digitally-held private information without consent.
ii) Engaging in misrepresentation or subterfuge, including by agents or intermediaries, can generally be justified only in the public interest and then only when the material cannot be obtained by other means

Bigot ! Two faced Prime minister

28 Apr

Oh Dear. Gordon Brown has made the biggest mistake one can. Saying one thing in public to Gillian Duffy and another behind closed (car) doors. Gillian Duffy managed to ask Gordon Brown various questions whilst he was campaigning live on Sky News. After the public campaigning was over and the Prime minister was in the privacy of his car he told aides that Gillian (a life long Labour supporter) was a bigot.

We often disbelieve what people say, we often hear people say things they do not mean. The problem this time is a perceived confirmation that people in the country already feel ‘The establishment and Westminster bubble consider any people with reticence on our government’ as “stupid” or “bigots”.

I was wondering if it was related to any mention of immigration, however Gordon Brown has previously stated back in March

“The question of who comes to Britain, and what they have to do to earn that privilege, is something that should be the subject of open and responsible debate. But how we conduct this debate is as important as the debate itself.”

If so then it would seem “Open and reasonable” to question immigration – but your still a bigot for raising the question.

Choose the English Commonwealth national anthem

28 Apr

Commonwealth games England have surprisingly started a voting mechanism for the people of England to choose our Commonwealth games national anthem. The choices are limited, with two of the three options being British-centric and not English.

“Voters can choose between God Save The Queen, Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory – with the winner becoming the official anthem of the England Team to be played on the podium in Delhi when a Gold medal is won as well as at the Welcoming Ceremony when the St. George’s flag is raised.”

If past trends are repeated then I would expect to hear Jerusalem in Delhi 2010. If you would like to vote for one of these options then Visit here

Home rule for England

26 Apr

Power 2010 have been pulling out the guerilla warfare books and on the eve of St.George’s day pulled a nice Home Rule publicity event not ‘in’ but ON Westminster.

“Happy St George’s day! To mark the national day of England’s patron saint POWER2010 paid a little visit to Westminster to remind politicians of the demand for English Home Rule now that there has been devolution to Scotland and Wales.”

Whilst I am still disappointed that Power2010 took the popular English Parliament issue out in their committee stage. I would encourage you to take part in their campaign and sign their pledge.

Always question

9 Mar

Not everything you see is real, not everything you hear and read is true. Be sceptical, ask questions, probe , do not let others make up your mind (pollution kills).