‘wé béon sé englisc

Welcome, this blog is for me to pen both some thoughts and ramblings, as well as events, campaigns and English-centric articles. The site is to promote England. Please do not take everything said here too seriously. Some posts are my opinion, some news, some humour and should be regarded as such, no more, no less.

I am a resident in England, Britain, United Kingdom and Europe (in that order). I support a English Parliament within Britain with a strong Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland Parliament or Assembly looking after their interest. I believe the home nations should be independent if they wish.

I believe in equality and justice yet am realistic in a imperfect world. I believe in free speech, but also the right for you to be held accountable for that speech if you lie or fabricate. I do not believe in positive discrimination.

A word on tragedies. Nothing I can say or do can remotely ease the pain or suffering for anyone who has lost a loved one in any circumstances. I will not comment on these tragedies on this blog as I do not wish to intrude on personal grief. My heart goes out to anyone who has suffered a loss.

penned articles by fiale are by me, with guest contributions from Gordon Rex and Daniel Lake

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