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17 Jun

Cornish nationalist have campaigned as long as English counterparts for their devolution cause. Recently I read The Cornish Democrat’s article on ‘English Friends’

“Within the world of English nationalism most Cornish campaigners will not expect to find support….. Quite the opposite is the sad reality. The venom with which English nationalists, even the supposedly more moderate ones from the Campaign for an English Parliament, not to mention hard-right and fascist groups such as the EDP or EFP respectively, attack Cornish nationalists can be quite startling.”

The article questions lack of support for Cornish nationalist among English nationalist. This surprised me, most English nationalist I know support the Cornish cause. So what is happening here ?

The ‘Cornish Democrat’ starts his article calling the English Democrats (English Civic nationalist party) far right and fascists. A lot of people in the English Democrats support Cornish nationalist, attacking their party is not helpful. Calling English nationalist ‘fascist’ seems also hypocritical… “groups such as the EDP or EFP respectively, attack Cornish nationalists can be quite startling”.

An issue English nationalist have is the perception Cornish Nationalist are trying to piggyback our movement. The cause for an English parliament gathered momentum and increasing support due to groups like the The Campaign for an English Parliament. Cornish nationalist want ‘in’ on this momentum (whilst often expressing anti-English views themselves).

This causes a problem, Cornish nationalist want their aims recognised, but this goes against English nationalist current campaign aims.

English nationalist assert that the UK Government has no right to divide England into regions. An English parliament should form, and powers given to local authorities/regions by this English Parliament (not the UK parliament looking to the interest of the Union). We cannot pick up and include the Cornish Cause, to do so goes against our main campaign aims.

This has led to many Cornish nationalists accusing us of being hostile. This is not the cases, we do however object to accepting and championing their cause at the moment (changing in effect our mission statement). English nationalist need to keep our message clear and constant whilst it continues to gain momentum.

The question is, are the Cornish nationalist ready to back the English nationalist in obtaining an English parliament ? Do they trust that parliament to sort out the very real and valid concerns of Cornwall when formed ?


11 Responses to “Cornish nationalist”

  1. Sarah June 17, 2010 at 6:17 pm #

    Cornish nationalists have the typical everything’s the fault of the English mentality. You’re expected to smile sweetly, agree with them and take it or you’re a facist.

    • fiale June 19, 2010 at 4:53 pm #

      I would say that the entire discourse in the country pretty much comes down to what you said. It is a shame but you can now pretty much just interchange the parties and everything comes down to

      “********** have the typical everything’s the fault of the ******** mentality. You’re expected to smile sweetly, agree with them and take it or you’re a facist.”

      The first person to call the other racists, bigot, fascists wins apparently…. People have just become to polarised.

      • cernyw July 1, 2010 at 6:40 pm #

        I would’nt agree with that completely Sarah but I do know what you mean and Fiale again I agree the debate is too polarised. Rather than working together or quietly ignoring each other most Cornish and English nationalists are happier to argue with each other. As a principle we both want are people to be able to democratically decide our fates, we should focus on things like this where we both agree.
        with friendly regards from Kernow.

      • fiale July 5, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

        Agree Cernyw, it is better to walk the path together until we are forced to decide on which fork to take. Sadly we seem to spend so much time arguing about which fork to take, we never actually start the journey or set foot on the path….

  2. DeadAnarchistPhil November 25, 2010 at 9:48 pm #

    I don’t understand Cornish nationalism, why do they want to be independent and what would they do if they were? They’d sit there and scratch their head’s and wonder what to do next – that’s all! They od it out of spite because they blame the English, like other above have said, for everything.

    Since the end of WW2 and the rise of modern Democracy and thus the rights to decide self-dtermination, pretty much anyone can demand their independence.

    My question is, where is it going to end? So Cornwall gets independence, what about Yorkishire? That’s a huge a place, how long before they demand independence? What about all the other UK/English regions? So we all break up, then what? They’ll have to become part of some other larger Political entity and trading block to survive. Which will most likely be the EU. Have they not just traded one union for another?

    Just because the oppotunity is there to go it alone doesn’t mean we should or have to take it. We’re stronger United than divided, that’s how the UK has survived since the Union.

    I know you’re a English Nationalist but I’m not that strong of a nationalist. I believe the UK should be maintained and each nation inside of it given self-Government to a degree. As well as that all money problems and unfairness be sorted out too as well as representation in a UK wide Parliament.

    So I’m advocating more of a loose Confederacy than a Union.

  3. Cernyw November 25, 2010 at 10:56 pm #

    Back to the polemical debates hey?

    you can believe that Cornish nationalism is about blaming people and getting one over the English if you want. I’ve come across people like you before who seem more intent on belittling nationalism than engaging with the debates and underlying causes, if you want to believe that Cornish nationalism is that narrow than that’s your pregoative. But if you actually look at Cornish nationalism and Cornish nationalists they are on the most part quite agreeable to your idea of a confederacy. After all, one of the underlying themes of Cornish nationalism is the desire to work against centralisation. So please don’t simply write us off as nutters intent on petty politics it does nobody in the UK of whatever political persuasion any good.

    with kind regards from Kernow

    • DeadAnarchistPhil November 26, 2010 at 1:40 pm #

      Fair enough, my comment was a little strong and dissmissed your cause to fast.

      But in all respect the main outcome of devolved Nationalism is full Independence at some point. That’s what the SNP are aiming for as is plaid Cymru. I think Mebyon Kernow is after the same thing.

      And I think one of the reasons for these movements is because of the way they feel the English have treated them. The UK parlaiment has done a hell of lot more damage to the North West and the North ingeneral than it’s done to Cornwall, should we ask for independce because of that? Of course not, we should work toward making the system fairer and distribution of money and taxation burdan fairer.

      However, people in the SNP, Cymru and I’d say people in MK don’t want that, they want done with England and the Union, no matter what, because some in those Parties have an inate dislike for the English.

      If my British Confederacy was realised tomorrow and all the, regional, taxtion and sepnding issues were fixed and Scotland, Wales and Cornwall were given the option to stay or go, I’d wager the SNP, Cymru and MK would push their local Government to go. Such is the nature of Nationalism.


      – Phil

  4. Rob November 26, 2010 at 5:40 pm #

    What do you mean by the north has had it worse than Cornwall? I know its bad up there and it suffers from the same London-centric problems as Cornwall, but worse than Cornwall really? In what sense?

    • DeadAnarchistPhil November 26, 2010 at 7:57 pm #

      Deindustrialisation of the North (Sponsered, allowed and encouraged by successive UK Governments),has left entire Northern communities without jobs. Add to that lack of investment by private business and Government in to the North and you can see what I’m talking about. The ‘North South Divide’ also shows evidence of this.

      I’m not saying Cornwall hasn’t suffered the same at the hands of the London mob, but the North has endured more than Cornwall and on a larger scale.

  5. Rob November 26, 2010 at 11:30 pm #

    Exactly the same thing in Cornwall miners, engineers, quarrymen, fishermen all now without jobs. Generations and generations of my family mined for tin and copper, now just like the coal pits lack of government help and excessive regulation and they’re closed. You might think of Cornwall as the Eden Project and picture postcard scenes, but for people that live here its low wages, crap jobs, homelessness and poverty. Cornwall used to be one of the richest places in Britain now we’re are an objective one region, one of the poorest places in the EU.


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