Labour final swan song, spending our tax money unwisely. (via English Warrior)

11 Jun

An interesting look at what Labour were doing in the last two years of Government when they knew we had a deficit that was out of control. Instead of tackling it they chose to increase spending for non essential schemes.

Labour final swan song, spending our tax money unwisely. Labour spent 1.3 trillion on things like ballet and other unnecessary stuff, all while the country's economy was on a down turn. We will be footing the bill, the rest of the UK will not be paying out of their budgets, again Labour spent the English taxpayers money on non-essential services and projects, people were still losing their houses, jobs and businesses. It would have been better to give the money back to the people, wipe their slates cle … Read More

via English Warrior


2 Responses to “Labour final swan song, spending our tax money unwisely. (via English Warrior)”

  1. englishwarrior June 11, 2010 at 12:51 pm #

    Makes you sick. Labour killed my country, best thing ever them getting voted out, 13 years of misery.
    Hope the coalition with Bert and Ernie sort out the WLQ.

  2. gormarke June 11, 2010 at 1:02 pm #

    They seem to think they will get back into government in 5 years by tearing into the Conservatives for the cuts they will have to make. Unions will hit the street, people will get angry and I think that just possibly the people of this country could vote labour back into power… makes me shudder.

    They are currently looking to take power in Scotland from the SNP – my guess is they will spend, spend, spend there and expect Westminster to bail them out.

    Sadly I have no faith in the unionist coalition. I wish I could have a glimmer of hope,but nothing they have said in the past or since coming into power leads me to think they will do anything (at least anything I would consider worthwhile). Time will tell, but to be honest, I am just awaiting 5 years of nothingness for me, watching lots of strike action and protest on the TV.

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