England expects

11 May

There have been numerous articles in papers over the last few days recognising what a lot of English voters have known for a long time. We have a democracy deficit here in England. The English Voters are simply 2nd class citizens in U.K. democracy stakes.

English voters get less MPs per capita than Scotland. The English get less say in how England is ran than the Scottish do in running Scotland (or the Welsh in Wales) thanks to devolved Parliaments and Assemblies that were denied to the English. To further the English humiliation, Welsh and Scottish MPs vote on policy that will effect England only (something denied to English MPs on Scottish and Welsh policy).

David Cameron

David Cameron is a Unionist, he has said “He does not want to be Prime Minister of England”. If he does fail in his bid to be British Prime Minister, then I can have little sympathy for him. The Conservative party needs to wake up and realise it is a predominately English party. Stop the futile attempts to bribe the Celtic fringes at the expense of England. The place between Scotland and Wales has a name, we have had enough of being treated as an after thought, a wet fish of a prize.

A Federal UK is the only way forward. Start addressing these issues and start acknowledging England.

As the below excerpt from a article by Harry Reid Herald in Scotland .

“English voters who are starting to believe themselves to be seriously, and possibly permanently, disenfranchised.

Of course there is an obvious and sensible answer to this conundrum: break up the Union. If the English had England to themselves, they could vote Tory to their hearts’ content. Problem over.

There are two difficulties with that. These Tory-tending English voters have a potent, if utterly irrational, regard for the Union. Their current leader and spokesman, David Cameron, typifies this.

It makes political sense for him to get rid of Scotland and its cussedly anti-Tory voters, yet he cannot bring himself to try to do so because of some atavistic and inexplicable veneration for the Union.

You could almost admire him for his loyal attachment to a chimera which prevents him and his party from ruling England, but you have to wonder at his political sense, or lack of it”


2 Responses to “England expects”

  1. Jose May 11, 2010 at 7:44 pm #

    Have a look around and tell me if you see a country in the world that is democratic. Who commands? : The people? or is it the financial system?

  2. fiale May 12, 2010 at 3:04 am #

    It is a rather symbiotic relationship. I hope that England never becomes as blatant in its sell out as the US, but I fear we are not far away.

    It really comes down to us and how much we care, sadly most people seem to be happy to sell their liberty for trinkets and beads.

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