Choose the English Commonwealth national anthem

28 Apr

Commonwealth games England have surprisingly started a voting mechanism for the people of England to choose our Commonwealth games national anthem. The choices are limited, with two of the three options being British-centric and not English.

“Voters can choose between God Save The Queen, Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory – with the winner becoming the official anthem of the England Team to be played on the podium in Delhi when a Gold medal is won as well as at the Welcoming Ceremony when the St. George’s flag is raised.”

If past trends are repeated then I would expect to hear Jerusalem in Delhi 2010. If you would like to vote for one of these options then Visit here


3 Responses to “Choose the English Commonwealth national anthem”

  1. Jose May 1, 2010 at 11:42 am #

    Well, why not a new hymn altogether. In Britain there are musicians who would do wonders.

  2. fiale May 1, 2010 at 3:29 pm #

    Jose –

    That would be my preferred option. I have always thought that we should commission a new anthem for England. When I listen to composers such as Karl Jenkins I have no doubt that we could get a great piece.

    I try to imagine people on terraces, crowds or competitors singing Jerusalem and it just does not really come up to scratch. We need something reflective or the past, acknowledging our present and hopeful of our future. Short, simple but beautiful that causes a butterfly belly moment within it .

    For now however the Commonwealth options are limited (though there is a section where you can vote for suggest another option). It is a step forward however (no matter how small) in dis-entangling the Britain is England, England is Britain


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