Any idea ?

5 Mar

It appears the reason to vote Conservative or Labour in the 2010 GE is not due to their policies or the possibility of better governance. No, it appears the reason to vote Conservative is purely one of  “why would you vote Labour ?”, and for Labour “Seriously Conservative ?”.

It appears none of the three main parties have any policies able to catch the public attention. The fight to be even more centralist than the other, where having daring policy is akin to sticking your head above the parapet (hoping that neither the media spotters or enemy shoot you before you can explain) has left us with three identikit parties with different packaging. The main parties melding into this beige of centralism has left the fields open both left and right.

UKIP, The English Democrats, The Green Party, BNP and others take advantage of this by offering pieces of bold policy (I will not comment on them here). The public appear to want a new way and different radical ideas, who is willing to do this (let alone propose this) in the main parties –  Gordon brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg seem unable or willing.

Tory lobbyist Peter Bingle  has said

“The Tory Party’s one hope remains the PM. I cannot believe that English voters will give him their support when they have to vote in the privacy of the voting booth. At the moment he is the only compelling reason to vote for David Cameron. I feel let down by a party I have supported since I was sixteen years of age”

I am sure a lot of the public will think this, I suspect also “in the privacy of the voting booth” why David Cameron or Nick Clegg above that of UKIP or The English Democrats.


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